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Language Kompis arranges regularly events in town or day trips to get to know our environment better. Check what's happening !

We are sorry, they are no meeting scheduled in your country. Do you want to organise a meeting in your city, email us and we will help you to make it happen !

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Do you have questions about a language or a culture. Get answers by locals and those who know. Ask a new question, Find an Answer


What is Language Kompis? is a free language exchange community where you can find language partners and resources to learn a language online and offline.

Use the our database to "find a language exchange" or a conversation partner that matches your criterias:
Look for people in your country, in your city that are interested to learn the languages you could teach them and swap languages. Click on their profile, get in touch and start exchanging languages...

Integrate with your community or meet the international crowd at "Language meetups": Language exchange meetings are perfect occasions to connect with the international crowd and the locals in a informal and fun environement. A good place to make new friends learning a language.

Our knowledge base of "questions and answers" helps you get a better understanding of the language and the culture you want to learn. Questions such as "What are the best swedish films?" give you some insight into the culture you are courious about and should ease the difficulties of learning a foreign language and keep you motivated.
The knowledge base is also a good place for the community to share its tips and experiences.

languagekompis network

LK has been initiating conversations and language exchange since 2006. Starting with a language meetup in Stockholm, the word spreads...

Everyday more kompis ("buddy" in swedish) get to meet, learn and have fun. Join them!

Language Kompis is now developping in a number of other large cities.