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After travelling and working on four continents, four months ago, I met glog, sambo, and semlor. I believe I am here to stay. (I fell in love with Semlor, and the rest followed).

Too many times when I travelled, I sheltered myself with other internationals sharing my roots and my culture. In other words I escaped into an "expat community". I have always nourished the regrets of this. This time around, I am determined to integrate, and immerse myself in all the subtleties that constitute Swedish culture.

Based on my need to interact, integrate and blend with my hosting culture, I sought out someone of like-mind and found Jacqueline. We dicussed my concerns about infiltrating Swedish society and as a result came up with the idea of the Language Kompis community.

We realize of course that in this day and age of advanced migration and professional needs, it is unrealistic to think that people would meet solely for the purpose of language exchange. Many are bound to have specific reasons for learning or improving their language skills. The idea of creating an online and real community of young professionals who want to echange and develop their international environment was the birth of Language Kompis.

Jaqueline Fabius
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I moved from New York to Stockholm about a year ago because my boyfriend lives here. Although it is great that everyone speaks english here, it is also a handicap, because as a foreigner I never really get to practice my Swedish "skills"...

I have to admit that when I moved here I thought I would find a fairly homogenous society, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a very cosmopolitan, mulitcoloured, multicultural city. Although I find Swedes to be incredibly friendly and welcoming, they are reserved people, and therefore do not easily make the first move towards foreigners, for fear of invading their personal space.

The foreigners on their side do not necessarily know how to break into a Swedish society, and therefore I feel that there is a need to create a community that allows for the obvious kind of interaction that is not only needed, but wanted by both sides.

languagekompis network

LK has been initiating conversations and language exchange since 2006. Starting with a language meetup in Stockholm, the word spreads...

Everyday more kompis ("buddy" in swedish) get to meet, learn and have fun. Join them!

Language Kompis is now developping in a number of other large cities.