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Language Partners available in Göteborg

Here is a list of possible language partners in Göteborg you could initiate a language exchange with. Their language profile should be complementary to yours. To know them a little bit more and contact them, click on their name.

Hope you find a language partner and enjoy your learning !

Mohammad 7435 male

speaks: Persian

want to speak: English

City : Göteborg

I am 29 years old Iranian who moved to Gothenburg about one year ago. I want to talk to someone in eng...

Updated : Jul 14, 2017

Luis 7433 male

speaks: Swedish Spanish English

want to speak: German French Italian

City : Göteborg

Yo. I'm a 26-year old Swedish Bolivian (or Bolivian Swede). I'd like to do some serious refreshing of ...

Updated : Jul 13, 2017

Ken 7430 male


want to speak:

City : Göteborg

I'm a 43 year old guy living in Gothenburg. I'd be interested in language exchange in Mandarin, or Jap...

Updated : Jul 11, 2017

Philip 7425 male

speaks: English Swedish

want to speak: Chinese

City : Göteborg

Hey, I´m a 22 yo swedish guy. I lived in China as an english teacher for 6 months and would like to ...

Updated : Jul 10, 2017

Mei 7420 female

speaks: Chinese English

want to speak: Swedish Japanese

City : Göteborg

I'm a medical researcher at Gothenburg University. I'd like to learn Swedish and Japanese.

Updated : Jul 4, 2017

sarah 7410 female

speaks: English

want to speak: Swedish Spanish

City : Göteborg

Maritime Archaeologist moving to Gothenburg for 6 months. I'd like to learn and practice Swedish and S...

Updated : Jul 1, 2017

Sarah 7409 female


want to speak:

City : Göteborg

I am moving to Gothenburg for 6 months and I would love to practice and learn more Swedish. I am at a ...

Updated : Jul 1, 2017

Rasmus 7401 male


want to speak:

City : Göteborg

Computer Science student about to spend a year studying in Hong Kong. Mainly interested in Mandarin...

Updated : Jun 23, 2017

Olof 7306 male

speaks: Swedish English

want to speak: Spanish

City : Göteborg

I am a 20 year old student at Chalmers, determined to learn spanish after having struggled with it for...

Updated : Jun 20, 2017

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