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profile delete

How to delete my profile from LK! I am no longer interested to be in the group!

Asked by Charm Digholm on the Feb 28, 2016 ,
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Who will teach me English? )


My name is Jekaterina, and Im 21 year. I would very like to learn English as quick as possible. Courses, it is clear, but sure far more successful the my English will be if I will...
Asked by Jekaterina Kazandzhiy on the Feb 8, 2016 ,

Any sportive activities I could join in stockholm?

Hej , I am looking for some sportive activities I could do in Stockholm to meet people and have fun.

Asked by Aurora Gabrielsson on the Jan 2, 2015 ,
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How do I find a flat in Stockholm?

How does the rental market work in Sweden and what are my best chances to find a flat in Stockholm?

Asked by Hervé Le Turdu on the Dec 10, 2009 ,
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Your favorite Swedish movies?

Hej I a´m trying to learn Swedish and I would apreciate if you could share with me your 5 favorite Swedish Films!

Asked by mat kurh on the Dec 20, 2013 ,
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languagekompis network

LK has been initiating conversations and language exchange since 2006. Starting with a language meetup in Stockholm, the word spreads...

Everyday more kompis ("buddy" in swedish) get to meet, learn and have fun. Join them!

Language Kompis is now developping in a number of other large cities.