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I neither can delete my profilem nor even update it, that I don't show up in the search any longer.

Please delete me from the page! I have already enough tandems and don't want to receive any further emails.

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I got a lot of E-mail. It was so much for me.

This is a good communication site, but I can't answer all of them.

Please delete me from this page.

Thank you.



I signed up for an accound here, but I  was unable log in.

I sent the site a couple of emails without success. Please delete

my profile (my mail is and my name Tomaj

Please delete my profile from your site.

languagekompis network

LK has been initiating conversations and language exchange since 2006. Starting with a language meetup in Stockholm, the word spreads...

Everyday more kompis ("buddy" in swedish) get to meet, learn and have fun. Join them!

Language Kompis is now developping in a number of other large cities.