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Exchange Language in gothenburg-Göteborg?

Hej, Languagekompis has more and more members located in gothenburg Göteborg that would like to meet up and do a language exchanges.

Would someone be interested in organizing an event in Göteborg and try it out?

Please leave your contact details or drop me a line at languagekompis Hatt gmail dotCom if you are interested, Mvh. /Herve

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Hej hej! I also would like to meet up and do the language exchanges! Contacts:

languagekompis network

LK has been initiating conversations and language exchange since 2006. Starting with a language meetup in Stockholm, the word spreads...

Everyday more kompis ("buddy" in swedish) get to meet, learn and have fun. Join them!

Language Kompis is now developping in a number of other large cities.