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How to register at Svenska För Invandrare in Stockholm?

I have been in Sweden for a couple month and I have a person nummer, how do I regiter in the SFI program?

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Svenska För Invandrare :

Sfi stands for swedish for immigrants (svenska för invandrare) and is a language course organized by your municipality.

If you are a newcomer in Sweden, want to learn Swedish and are registered in Sweden meaning that you have a personal identity number (Perssunnmber), you may participate in these language courses free of charge. Contact the municipality where you live.


To register if you live in Stockholm is very simple:

Drop in at the following address:

Hornsgatan 124  

Vuxenutbildning Stockholm
Box 22049
104 22 Stockholm 


Take a placement test and decide where you want to study.

For more information, you check


Following the SFI program:

The program is made of four courses of different levels (A-B-C-D). These courses are offered at different times of the day.  They are about 3 month each I believe.


Getting ready for the tests: tidigare prov

You will find the previous Exams of the “National Prov” at there:


My tips:

You can ask you teacher to find you a 3 month internship (Half work / half study) where you will not be paid but will get a precious work experience of Swedish in the field of your previous academic background.


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freelance writer

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